Tehran, 2012The International Conference on Contemporary Philosophy of Religion
The International Conference on Contemporary Philosophy of Religion


Sunday, 23 December

(Ibn Sina Room)


7:30-8:30        Registration Desk Open

8:30-10:00         Plenary Session

“Philosophy of Religion in an Islamic Context”, Hamidreza Ayatollahy

“Unity in Diversity: Philosophy and the Dialogue between Religions”, Hans Koechler

“Rationality of Faith”, Hadi Sadeqi

10:00-10:30         Tea/Coffee Break

10:30-12:00        The Problem of Evil

“Compensation Theodicy; An Examination of Shiite approach to the Problem of Divine Justice”, Mohammad Saeedimehr

Psychological Implications of Transcendent Perspective, Seyyed Mohsen Fatemi

“The integrationist approach: Muslim logical method for solution of logical problem of Evil and sufferings”, Reza Mohammadzadeh

12:00-14:00        Prayer/Lunch

14:00-15:30        Epistemology/Religious Experience

“Looking Behind the Mirror: An analysis of the reception of media reports and the consequences for the understanding of Islam in Britain”, Laurens de Rooij

Critique of Malcolm’s Theory of religious beliefs”, Mazdak Rajabi

“Invitation Theory: Explaining the Argumentation for or against the religious Beliefs”, Reza Akbari

15:30-16        Tea/Coffee Break

Monday, 24 December

(Ibn Sina Room)

8:30-10:00         Religion and Morality

The Philosophy of Initiatory Jihad from a Contemporary Human Rights Perspective”, Muhammad Javad Javid and Esmat Shahmoradi

“Hindu View of Human Rights and Human Dignity”, Ram M Varanasi

“Analogy in context of Trinity issue– a proposition of a model of Christian Holy Trinity in analogical projection in physics”, Marian Ambrozy

10-10:30         Tea/Coffee Break


“Faith and Reason in Contemporary Shi‘ite Thought”, Mohsen Javadi

“Theological Presuppositions of Reformed Philosophers’ Christian Scholarship”, Mohammad Taqi Modarresi

Toward the Notion of a Religious Philosophy of Religion”, Mohsen Feyzbakhsh

12:00-14:00        Prayer/Lunch

14:00-15:30        Science and Religion

“The Parallel Analysis of Science and Religion: Essentialism and Cultural Diversity”, Tian Song

“Principle of Alternate Possibilities and the Problem of Divine Foreknowledge and Free Will”, Abdurrasul Kashfi

“The Global Future of Religion”, Seyed Javad Miri

15:30-16        Tea/Coffee Break