Tehran, 2012The Fourth International Conference on Contemporary Philosophy of Religion
The Fourth International Conference on Contemporary Philosophy of Religion

Conference Expenditure Package

It is our great honor to announce that due to a recent fortune of receiving financial support, we are able to discount the overall costs for participation in 4th conference.

Instead of the old plan, we are providing you with a package which costs totally € 450. It includes:

  1. Registration fee
  2. Local transportation including transfer from airport to the hotel and vice versa
  3. Three nights (25th, 26th and 27th of January 2016) of accommodation in conference hotel.
  4. Conference-related meals and refreshments
  5. An honorable diner
  6. One-day tour of tourist places in capital city, Tehran


  1. € 450 does not cover the visa obtaining cost which you already paid for
  2. Each two participants can share a double room at the conference hotel to save costs, rather than paying the full cost for separate rooms, then the cost for package is € 700 rather than € 900

Participants do not need to pay for this package online; they will pay € 450 upon arrival just in cash because international credit cards of any kind do not work in Iran. Please have extra money for unforeseen expenses.

Major currencies can be changed in the airport.

Accommodation: Hotel Farhikhtegan which is located nearby the Conference venue